Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Shower Inspiration

Only a few more sleeps to go until the big O! Thought I would give you a little background on the job and how it all took shape.

Here are the inspiration boards I submitted to the Oprah Show producer. I sweated it out for 3 days before I heard back and got the go ahead as it was over the Thanksgiving weekend. Longest three days of my life.

What Julie loved the most were the baby booties made of cake and the idea of masses of flowers in three shades of pink. I had less than an hour to pull this together and email to her.

Oprah Baby Shower Inspiration Boards

Hope you will all be tuning in on Thursday night at 7.30pm Network Ten.


  1. so lovely! I love pink! very sweet and elegant.

  2. Gorgeous inspiration boards, Sharnel. It is so lovely that you are sharing this journey with us all, I am so looking forward to watching the show on Thursday.

    Katena xx

  3. Oooh Sharnel, the inspiration board looks devine! I can't wait for the Oprah show!!

  4. Sharnel they're gorgeous. You're an amazing designer and I'm so happy for you and this journey you're on. xo

  5. Counting down! Just by peeping at the inspiration boards, I can tell it going to be beeeeeauitful to watch! And we all need a little something beautiful to watch at the moment. xx

  6. Oh I love it, I love it! You are so deserving of this wonderful experience!
    Have sent you an email!!!

  7. I have reminders on my computer and in my phone, there is NO WAY I am missing it!! Now I am even more excited seeing your photos, you are one very very amazing lady x

  8. How are you going to sleep tonight ? I watched tonight & cannot wait to see what you have done tommorow . I love it when a 'real' person like yourself achieves amazement !
    Karyn x


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