Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project SHINE

As some of you would be aware Queensland has been hit hard by recent bad weather and there are so many families out there that have lost everything due to flooding.

We have also had our fair share of water. The inside of our home has been spared, literally by millimeters. However the damp has begun seeping through the slab in our guest house and the floor boards have begun to warp.


I've lost count of how many times this has happened since the 15th December. Over 10 times!



Apparently there is more rain ahead of us! Even as I type this post we are flooding again. Oh what now!

I am part of movement called Sunny Mummy and we are currently seeking donations to send to other Mummies in need.


This is straight from Sunny Mummy:

"Sunny Mummy wants to help bring back some sunshine into these mama's lives by sending the little necessities & luxuries, that help us mums take care of ourselves!

Today we are donating 50% of every Sunny Mummy Sisterhood membership fee towards Proejct SHINE, which we will then use to purchase things like toiletries, underwear, skincare and so on.

If you are not yet a member, today is the day to join!

We are also seeking direct donations of goods such as:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Skincare
  • Make-Up
  • Bras & Undies
  • Sanitary items
  • Deoderent
  • Hairbrushes
  • Haircare
  • Razors
  • Body Lotions
  • Accessories
  • Stationery
  • Books
  • ANYTHING else YOU can think of that helps you feel like a woman and take care of yourself

Please send all donations directly to:

Sunny Mummy

PO BOX 488

Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

We will arrange the logisitics of getting these items to the flood zones!

{if you are located on the lower Gold Coast, we are also seeking assistance to sort & prepare the doantions, please contact if you are a local & able to help}

Things to remember: all items, with the exception of books, must be brand new and sealed for hygiene and transportation purposes.

No donation is too small, so if you can pick up a little something extra for a Flood Mummy in your groceries this week, it would be GREATLY appreciated!"

Thanking you in advance for you kind donations.


  1. oh my! those pictures make my heart leap!

    the water is so close to the inside of your house.

    I so hope that this rain eases for you and for others.

    Naomi x

  2. Sharnel, I love you to bits and I cant believe the pics of your place! Thanks for spreading the word...can't wait for the mummies to feel the sunshine! Stace x

  3. Best of luck for the days ahead I hear it is not going to be nice for Brisbane, The Sunshie Coast and many other areas of QLD.
    I will see what I can pull together and send up.
    Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Sharnel, the photo's of your house with all that water surrounding it is heartbreaking, so pleased the inside of your house has been spared.

    I will be making up a "Shine" package this week and posting to Sunny Mummy, every little bit helps and hopefully it will ease the pain a tiny bit for these very unlucky people in the middle of this disaster.

    Katena xx

  5. Woah, that is a lot of water Sharnel.

  6. Breaks my heart to see that water literally at your doorstep, it's hard to believe from the pictures that the indoors are still ok.

    Project Shine sounds like a great idea. My brother and his family are in Rockhampton and have been spared flooding in their house but my brother has lost his job as there is just no work coming in. The worst is that he can't get any kind of government assistance to help them out in the mean time. Heartache is everywhere.

  7. Love to help Sharnel. I'll pop some things in the post this week. Thanks for letting us know about this - what a wonderful idea! And so sorry to hear you've had such dramas with this rain - you poor thing :) K xx

  8. Count me in! I am praying for you and for the many families! God bless.


  9. OMG. Your poor home. It is just unbelievable how much water there has been. It is heartbreaking to see all the damage these past few weeks...

  10. Oh wow - thats some serious water :(

    I am DEFINITELY going to send a bunch of things to Sunny Mummy - in fact I am going to start right NOW! What a fabulous idea :)

  11. Oh my goodness!!! How much water I can see! I've seen the pics on TV here in Melbourne and am blown away how bad it is up your way. Thank you for sharing, will go and see what I can do to help, take care.

  12. good luck in the days ahead keeping the water on the OUTSIDE of your house - I never have that luck when it rains!

  13. Oh Sharnel , I hope it dosent get any worse for you. I am on the Gold Coast & praying for the rain to stop for a while. I am going to contact sunnymummys to offer my help. Thankyou for posting this information.
    Karyn x

  14. Sharnel I am so so sorry that you and so many others are going through this!

    Art by Karena

  15. Oh my goodness, thank god it hasn't entered your house. I hope it resides quickly. Have you thought about sand bags??? Such a lovely home... Best wishes. ;-)

  16. Thanks for letting us know about Sunny Mummys - will definately be sending a little package their way to help out. Praying that the "Sunshine State" will indeed see some sunshine and some relief from the rain. Our thoughts are with you. Kx

  17. Jeepers Sharnel... better get your floaties on!!! Sunny Mummy sounds wonderful. Do you collect all year? Will pop something in the post.

  18. I'm on to it now!!!

  19. Oh My! Look at your lovely home! Thankfully the water didn't reach inside!

    ~ Clare x


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