Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FAQ answered

How did you get the Oprah gig?

I received a PM from Mini Gaga a facebook 'liker' on my business page on facebook. Without this I would have never known about this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you Mini Gaga. You are a gem!

Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 7.16.17 AM

What was Oprah like?

Engaging, warm and down to earth. She is just like you see her on TV - very genuine. Truly a pleasure to meet.

You seem pretty relaxed about it all, I'm more excited than you!

Well yes, I was/have been very relaxed about it all. I was all consumed with it before I actually received the nod from the producers, but then it was head down bum up. The timing of the Baby Shower coincided with my childrens kindy and school break ups. I don't really want to ever have to catch a 5am flight to Melbourne during day light saving ever again. Far too many in one week!

Whilst I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity, I'm more grateful for my little family and that has and will always be my first love.

A few behind the scenes photos to get you excited about tonight!


A little late night hot glueing never hurt anyone. Actually, I was burnt in the process. However, I putting that down to lack of sleep :)


Here is my partner in crime. Ruth Buzzard from Specklefarm. She was my right hand gal. Couldn't have done it without you Speckles! xx


  1. Gotta love the online networking & the amazing opportunities it presents! Congrats again - I'll be tuning in tonight to see it all for sure :)

  2. I am really so excited for you!! I can't wait to see the show, I think it's not on until Friday here. Have a super fun viewing party, wish I could join you!! XX

  3. Watching you on Oprah RIGHT NOW!! Congrats, everything Looks so BEAUTIFUL!!! What a great accomplishment! Have a great week. xoxo

  4. So happy for you to get this awesome gig with Oprah. Will be watching tonight. CONGRATULATIONS X

  5. How exciting!! Wow, simply gorgeous & OMG, it's OPRAH!! Congratulations!! Watched the first episode last night, all the children in bed early, it was sheer glee. I did a post on it & one Australian comment said "makes me want to move to Australia" - yep, we are all in love with our own country, again!! Love Posie

  6. Oh you must change your blog header to "as seen on Oprah", giggles, love Posie

  7. Such an amazing opportunity! Can't wait to see it on Oprah tonight. Christine xo

  8. Wow! Who would've thought a simple facebook message would lead to such an amazing experience?! Looking forward to watching it x

  9. Hi Sharnel,
    I have been reading for a little while but have not left a comment before. I am so excited you & your beautiful styling are going to be on Oprah tonight, I even put off my own birthday celebrations tonight so I could just sit and enjoy the show without interruptions. I know, I sound like a crazy woman, but I love Oprah and I really love the way you put a party together. Enjoy tonight, Robyn

  10. Congrats on such an amazing opportunity, you have certainly pulled it of spectacularly. I just saw the show tonight & was ooohhing & aaahhhing.
    Great job. Kylie

  11. congrats - everything looked amazing!

  12. Bravo to you Sharnel - the Shower looked amazing on the telly! Lots & lots of work for you, but a once in a lifetime opportunity - well done.
    Millie x


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