Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baked Relief

For those of us not directly affected by the floods here in Brisbane and you are looking for a way to help why not whip up a batch of muffins, cupcakes, bikkies, scones or a slice and drop down to your local SES depot (if safe to do so).

My son turned five today and instead of our usual birthday festivities my children helped me bake dozens and dozens of cupcakes and other baked goods, we made ham and salad rolls by the boot load and mixed up old fashion cordial for all the workers at our local SES.

My dear friend Danielle from Digella Emporium has been busy doing the same. She has started a Baking Revolution! It's called Baked Relief.

Here is a list of SES Centres:

Guyatt Park, Bryce Street, St Lucia

Botticelli Street Park, Botticelli Street, Fig Tree Pocket

Hawthorne Park, Cnr Park and Oak Street, East Brisbane

Perrin Park, Josling St, Taringa

Darra Works Depot, Shamrock Rd, Darra

Morningside Works Depot, Redfern Street, Morningside

Newmarket SES Depot, Wilston Rd, Newmarket (in carpark off Erneton Street)

Zillmere Works Depot, Jennings Street, Zillmere

Stafford Works Depot, Turner Road, Kedron

The tireless workers have been so thankful for the little treats we presented them with today. May their tummies be full and this food help them keep up the tremendous work they are doing.

My husband has spent last night and tonight shovelling sand into bags, doing something to help. He just called me and said everyone is in good spirits and they are making the best of this terrible situation.

My heart is heavy for all my friends that have and will be affected in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Keep safe.


  1. It is all just so terrible.... Since we are a little further "downstream", we will be holding a garage sale this weekend and the kids and I are baking so they can have a little bake and lemonade stand...all proceeds to go to flood relief. Trying to do whatever we can. Stay safe everyone!

  2. Sharnel , how thoughtful of your family .
    I have felt so helpless here on the Gold Coast. As soon as it is possible I will be offering my assistance in some way , maybe there is a SES closer to home I can get to.
    Happy 5th Birthday to your son !

  3. What a fantastic idea Sharnel, and so sweet of you to do, considering the water was also lapping at your doorstep!

    I've also had the Queenslanders in my thoughts, my parents were cut off in Burpengary when their small creek turned into the mighty Murray within hours. Lucky for them they live on a "hill", but water was only metres away from their back fence!

    Sending lots of sunshine and no more rain your way, hope the water recedes quickly.
    Leoni - Melbourne

  4. Sharnel such a wonderful way to help! It's been heart breaking watching the news coverage & knowing people who have lost everything! I can't believe what's happened to the city I love! Bless you & your family for the selfless act of giving food & hands on help at a very sad & desperate time! xo

  5. Sharnel, what a lovely idea to bake for the SES. I can't stop cooking at the moment as we wait for news. Does baking keep your mind off things too? Amber

  6. love you guys your awesome and so Australian :)

  7. that's a wonderful thing to do Sharnel, every little thing helps. Hope you are fairing well at your place and congrats on your Oprah experience, you must be still floating after that.

  8. i have been wanting to do something and i will start with some baking tomorrow...a wonderful idea!

  9. I handed out 8 dozen cupcakes to the workers in East Brisbane today. Some of them were in desperate need of some sugar - they were exhausted

  10. Hi Sharnel, I donated this morning and also have put out free cupcake wrappers to whomever else is involved.

  11. A staff from Disability services Queensland from Strathpine and Nundah service centers have been cooking from 13th January. We distributed enormous amount of the cake and biscuits on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th at Milton, South Brisbane, New Farm, F airfield, Ipswich, We have got a feedback from volunteers regarding packaging of cakes as it was hard for them to keep them clean for long time. We have packed all cakes in containers and warped them in sandwich bags that is that they could take individual cake out and not get the rest contaminated. We are baking more but not sure where to take them next Saturday. Please let us know where to go. Please leave me a message on face book. My name is Indira Muharemovic and my picture is Tom and Jerry cartoon characters. Thank you.

  12. Whipping up some smiley face cupcakes and taking them down to the SES tomorrow! Hopefully the message of 'Keep Smiling' will get through :)


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